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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  April 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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how can you not think of dick clark when you're standing here? >> just such a sad loss for times square, for the world. >> the man who counted us down to midnight and introduces id to music -- introduced us to music's big e names has died. the public ceremony taking place for the shuttle discovery later today. and new developments as the secret service takes action against the agents allegedly involved in a prostitution scandal. the story straight aid. it is thursday morning, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. to meteorologist lynette charles with a check of the forecast and like we said we needed the rain yesterday. >> exactly. hopefully that will come over the weekend but a changeable thursday because the rain now
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is tapering off. we have some patchy fog in its wake and we're dealing with some cool temperatures this morning as well. visibility yes, it is reduced this morning because of that patchy fog. we're only looking at 3-mile visibility now in baltimore, 7 in easton. frederick 4. 3 in new york and 4 in winchester, those will go up through the morning hours but as we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, we're basically dry and still one shower in caroline county. this is going to the east. so we will dry out nicely. still is a little bit of misting out there and you can see the cool temperatures this morning. 50 degrees make sure you have do jacket as you head out and about. we're talking about the rain and let's talk to angela about the roads. any accidents? >> we are starting the morning with an accident lynette and of course this slippery conditions and a little bit of patchy fog that lynette mentioned out there and we're dealing with an accident on the jfx just as you approach that work zone.
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we are blocking a lane in each direction on 83 and have a live look in just a moment but here's 895 this morning. things are moving as per usual. no early delays to report as you make your way to the tunnels heading down south 895. just past o donald street. the accident on 83 is northbound just past 28th street and looking live here at cole spring lane where you can see the foggy conditions and also the. >> reporter: ing lights and also disabled vehicle reported also on the jones palms expressway. -- falls expressway. follow us@maryland traffic. charlie and megan over to you. we have new details this morning into the secret service scandal. >> a woman with the agents now speaking out and a few of the agents now leaving the secret service. is a rhee johnson joins us now and this thing is far if over. >> reporter: that's right charlie. new this morning a colombian woman who claims she was the escort is speaking out.
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and three secret service officials are out of a job as new details emerge in this investigation. the colombian woman says she argued with the secret service agent over the bill for her services after a night at a local hotel in colombia. prostitution is legal in colombia. the woman says the night started at a local strip club where she agreed to go back to the hotel with an american man for $800. but the next morning, she says he would only pay $30. after a loud argument police were called in to resolve it and the man agreed to pay $200. now the secret service has not confirmed this account. one official has resigned so far. another supervisory employee was allowed to retire be the agency dismissed another employee because of the scandal. >> clearly they're all toast one way or another. it's not that the secret service agents are typically animal house people. just the opposite. most of them are so overworked and are forced to do so much
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overtime they barely have any life whatsoever but i think it a symptom of the management culture of laxness and corner cutting. >> reporter: while the international scandal may have put national security at risk, officials say there's no indication that the alleged prostitutes were spies or obtained any classified information. charlie back to you. almost two months since the shooting death of trayvon martin and today the city of sanford, florida focused on healing. the city manager and police chief will hold meetings today talking at plans to -- about plans to bring about in the com that meeting takes place at #:30 tonight -- 6:30 tonight. >> this is all for a rally in their son's honor. that event begins ad noon. florida governor rick scott has the trayvon martin case on his agenda for the day as well. he's expected to announce a stand your ground task force. george zimmerman the man who confessed to shooting trayvon martin is using that law as his
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defense. it sparked widespread controversy and that announce is 11:00 this morning. a new judge now taking over the george zimmerman case. the defense team requested that judge jessica recksiedler recuse. her husband was originally contacted about representing zimmerman. judge kenneth lester has been assigned now to the case. and speaking of george zimmerman, tomorrow he will be in court for a bond hear. it's been tentatively scheduled for 9:00 in the morning and his attorney mark o'mara confirmed the hearing with cnn. there's certainly a lot of maryland connections to the domestic violence hearing that would in washington, d.c.. brown was there and his cousin was murdered by on ex-boyfriend and sharon love, the mother of native yeardley love was also at the hearing. love spoke out for the first time since her daughter yeardley love was murdered.
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>> my daughter was murdered almost two yores ago at the -- years ago at the university of virginia by an -- university of virginia by an out of control lacrosse player with vie leapt past. if it wasn't for the support of family, friends and even total strangers i can't imagine where we would be today. we'll be forever grateful. >> sharon was invited to washington, d.c. by vice president joe biden with the backing the violence against women act. huguely is facing 26 years in prison and going to be sentenced on august 30th. dick clark was born and raised in mount vernon, new york and those at his high school are now remembering one of their most famous graduates. >> clark graduated from mount vernon high school back in 1947 featured in the hall of fame. he was voted most likely to sell the brooklyn bridge and maintained ties to his school. >> we did get e-mails close to 4:00 stating that he had passed
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and the very first thing i thought of was the wall of fame and how proud i am to be here and have the legend on the wall. >> in 2002 clark donated $40,000 to the school so the band could buy new uniforms. today, a big announcement from the governor. >> stay with thus morning because we're going tell you where he's going to be and what this has to do with summer plans to chow down on crab. >> why many people will be seeing pink this sunday. details straight ahead. you're waking up to what's new in baltimore. as we go to break, that's the tom peters cam, the torch cam high above the statue of liberty. we continue in just a moment.
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4:39 and events leading to the wounded warrior project are being all over the area in the next few days and today a glen burnie restaurant will hon hour
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if former service -- honor the former service members with a lunch beginning at 11:30 and $10,000 check being presented to that organization. now in annapolis the cycling event will also be taking place to help warriors restore their physical and emotional well-being. soldier ride will provide, cycles, tribes and bikes. the ride began this morning on dock street and another ride will take place in north beach on saturday. the rain could prove to be a factor for a huge event this weekend that's happening in ocean city. painting the town pink. for the first time, the susan g. komen race for the cure will be held on the shore on sunday. you can still register for the inaugural 5 k run and walk and don't let the rain scare you off. if you want to find out more information, head to now a check on the weather. i know we need the rain but lynette people always hate to see it on the weekend. >> i know, i know but you know it's for a good cause and as long as there's no thunder out
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there we're not forecasting that whatsoever. just strap on the hat and get to walking. again it's for a good cause. so for today we are starting to see the rain move off the coast as of now. still some showers back in north carolina and also virginia. and even into southern maryland at this time. but in our viewing area, we're just dealing some clouds and also some patchy fog to contend with this morning. this will get out of here though and we will start to see some sunshine in here especially in the afternoon. right now though heading out the door you might want to grab the jacket with the temperature coming in at 47 degrees in manchester. upper 40s in catonsville and more of the same in rock hall. now a check of the traffic now with angela. good morning lynette. we're starting off very busy this morning in terms of accidents, i spoke with police and got a little bit of clarification. that is actually the accident location. northbound 83 at cole spring lane the disabled vehicle is at
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28th street. now fortunately we're not being impacted pretty hard yet because things are still relatively light. now as we get a live look at i- 95, this is north of the beltway. no accidents to report here. things are actually moving pretty freely here despite the work zone blocking a left lane. back to you. things are running smoothly this morning but i'm sure that was not the case yesterday evening. a small car on the subway track in pikesville forced the power to be shut off stranding a train and that train was full of passengers, this happened along the northbound tracks of old court station around 5:00 yesterday. a train had to be set up to bring in 100 passengers and take them back to the station. well, the gift cards and the furs and even bicycle tours, no subject off-limits. >> why former mayor dixon wants comedians to poke fun at her later on tonight. >> when we come back we're going to show you the cost and
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what's adding up. you're waking up to what's new in maryland. we'll continue in just a moment. news time 4:42.
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4:45 and five thinks you need to know today it will white house hosting a conference today on lesbian gay, and transgendered issues. governor o'malley has a couple of announcements today about the chesapeake bay. the first is about the blue crab fishery. the others about the health of the bay. he's going to be in mike's crab house in annapolis. they are urging the governor to call a special session. it would cut $50 million from the university system of maryland. that rally begins at 3:00. thurgood marshall airport is showcasing the solar panels today for the energy efficiency program. and former mayor dixon is being roasted tonight. that roast and toast begins at
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8:00 tonight at the baltimore comedy factor. dixon says no topic is off- limits. 4:45 right now. the latest on the proposed bottle tax. the mayor wants to raise the tax from two cents to five cents and that money would go funding city schools but businesses say while they want better schools they don't want the schools to be hurting. >> when i put my five cents in, it's for my hope for baltimore city that this is the first step for a changed baltimore. >> it's a $1.4 billion industry within these city limits. it is no different than underarmor, a $1.3 billion industry that the city seems to bend over backwards for. >> the mayor wants the bill to pass quickly but it wouldn't go into effect for a year. what do you want to do? >> the president of nbc is being honored. dr. freeman hrabowski is being
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called one of the 100 most influential people by "time" magazine. they are saying it's about time. it's one of the top universities in the country for engineers and for scientists. are you source about who else made that list? head to the website, for a complete list of the top 100 most influential named by "time" magazine. well, kids who go to baltimore county public schools are one day closer to summer. that's because the school says classes will be let out days earlier than planned. four to be exact. the reason? they didn't use all the snow days that were built in to that calendar. more and more moms say they are finding it very hard to justify going to work. they say once they figure in child care and other expenses it's very difficult to justify working outside the home. most working parents child care, they says that the greatest expense according to child care aware america. in 2010 the cost of putting two children in day care exceeded median annual rent payments in
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every single state. this is our hot topic for the day. what do you think about this? is it worth it to work outside the home? one abc viewer wrote into us, she says personally i'd have to make $36,000 a year just to break even on child care. she says the job market is not recovering and the economy is on life support. join our conversation and let us know what you think. head to the world's largest seller of baby formula nestle may be taking over the sign for pfizer. reports say pfizer is trying to sell its infant nutrition division. according to the "wall street journal" nestle will pay at least $9 billion for the division. gerber is among their best known brands. first the shoes then his socks. then his shirt. he didn't stop there. this happened at an airport in portland, oregon. did you hear about this? >> i saw it. >> really, you were there?
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take a look. this guy right here created quite a scene when he decided to shed it all. the stripped down to his underwear and went from there. witnesses say he did this after he was pulled aside for what the tsa said was extra security. >> things like you know -- am i doing anything illegal and do i get to go through now trying to make a point. >> police told him he was protesting because he thought he was being harassed. he's been arrested now on charges of disorderly conduct and the all too appropriate indecent exposure. an undenial treasure was found in a trash dump in franklin county, pennsylvania. $4,800 in cash was in the landfill. all $100 bills. it was turned over to the state and police are not giving any more information, nobody has claimed it though. all right in california thousands of bees swarmed a car and that's until the kid in the
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beekeeper scout gathered them up. check out the pictures, beekeepers in the area are getting calls. the bees are out early this year thanks to the unusually dry weather. for a maryland couple getting down the aisle was actually a trip up the escalator and through kitchen supplies. you see julie rogers picked ikea to say her i dos to a man named bear pitman. the pair knew each other for decades we're told and they went to the same high school together but it turns out they recently met over a plate of swedish meat balls at the furniture store. the couple says there's nothing like being surrounded by family, friends and swedish furniture. >> ikea did just a beautiful job of just everything that they provided for us. and we're speechless. >> well. the couple says they are the first couple to marry at the college park ikea. hopefully their marriage will be easier than putting together
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the furniture. >> bunny married bear. >> beautiful too. >> that doesn't surprise me, bunny married bear. >> absolutely. >> i know. >> all right, weather-wise? >> weather-wise. >> moving on; it was rainy yesterday and we needed it but could get worse? >> we need some more and it's going to come for the weekend. no golfing for you sir. like that. wawa. all right, let's take about what's in the wake of the showers this morning. we do have some visibility issues once again. we're dealing with some patchy fog out there. so we're looking at three mile visibility in baltimore. five in easton. three frederick and also in york this morning and even in winchester, this will burn off and give way to sunshine into the afternoon but for right frau you're stepping out the door i'd grab the jacket if i were you. yes we are above average, we should be at 44 degrees for our low now for this time of the year but we're much cooler than what we have been. 50 in nora and also in
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frederick. 46 winchester right now. easton 50 degrees for the actual temperature. the satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot in terms of precipitation. all that is sliding out across the area. and we are left with some clouds but high pressure is going to do its thing build in here from the north and west to the south and east. and with that we will start to see those clouds get out of here and future trends picking up enamor of the same. again we will be seeing some sunshine for today. but we will be waiting for in next system to get to us as a cold front makes its way maybe even combining with an area of low pressure through the weekend and that's when we will get the rainfall totals. maybe high as we go through time but for today, 68-degrees is what i'm forecasting. get out there and enjoy it because like i said change is going to be coming for the weekend. the seven day forecast for you and the rain could into monday. let's get a check now of the traffic with angela foster. good morning and the patchy fog and rain? actually we have several accidents, police are busy for
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the start of your commute this thursday morning. on the scene for a collision there and also an wabash avenue between garrison and northern parkway. a live look at jfx for that accident scene. in the meantime though traveling around 695 you are good too go. here's a live look at the bw parkway. no troubles to report on the bw parkway north or southbound from the capitol beltway to the baltimore beltway in pretty good shape. this is a live look of i-73 at cole spring lane. that's northbound 83 where we are blocking one lane with police activity clearing the scene. charlie? have you ever been asked for your driver's license to return an item? >> customers are fighting back against the policy that reveals their personal information, what you need to know coming up next. >> the new tax some wives are out there for u. n. ambassadors, what they're using to try to stop violence in syria.
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you're watching what's new in maryland. we're back in just a bit.
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the space shuttle discovery will arrive to the air and space museum in northern virginia today and then officially be put on display. nasa is going to hold an outdoor ceremony open to the public to formally introduce the shuttle. now discovery landed safely yesterday morning riding on top of a 747 at dulles airport. today marks a day of rehem machines. the annual -- remembrance. the holocaust museum was created as a memorial to the victims. a ceremony will be held this morning. we're looking live downtown here in baltimore at the holocaust memorial in the city. more and more businesses are now requiring you provide your driver's license if you want to return something and some customers are fighting back. stores like best buy and michael's, they say it's to
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prevent theft but some people are complaining they don't want stores to have their driver's license number and their birth date and their address. a lawsuit has been filed in west palm beach against the policy and at least one congressman wants it joy lawed. a new study found that accidents with drivers would mix up the gas and brake are more common with drivers over the age of 76. it was a 76-year-old woman who plowed into a grocery store in florida at around 50 miles an hour. fortunately no one died but it brings awareness about whether seniors should be behind the wheel. aaa has a new online test helping older drivers test their skills. >> it looks at eight different functionallabilities. >> the test measures things like vision, reaction time and memory. a minnesota investor has come up with a new way to bring transaction to the future. scott olson now on the mission to get people in motion. his latest innovation dubbed sky ride has been in the works now for about 15 years, the
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idea is pretty simple. sky riders can pedal or row themselves along a monorail. he hopes the sky ride will gain traction as a means of exercise, entertainment and transportation. three minutes from 5:00 right now and coming up all new on "good morning maryland" at 5:00, the white sox have put an end to the o's two game-winning streak and highlights from the game are coming up about six minutes after 5:00. and researchers have a found a new treatment that may help those suffering from heart failure. >> plus a special couple is celebrating a huge milestone and stick around to meet them at 5:30. >> time for news around the world. >> three, two, one. now, one, two, three. >> overnight we learned india successfully test launched a nuclear capable missile that can travel around 3100-miles and has the capability of hitting major chinese cities.
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the launch experts say it's a defensive tool that will be used a deterrent against pakistan and against china. >> stop your husband and don't be a bystander, that it's plea from the wives of the two top u. n. diplomats to the wife of syrian president bashar al- assad. they made this video showing images of dying children and syrians. it usuals the first lady to -- urges the first lady to speak out. >> and nearly 60 bahrainian activists took to the streets to protest with the hunger strike. the striker was last arrested last year for his role in anti- government protests and sentenced to life in prison. he's been on a strike now for the past 70 days. accused of trying to smuggle in thousands of pounds of ammunition into mexico. authorities say they found 268,000 rounds in his truck on tuesday. they say the man claimed he had no guns to declare when he arrived at the border. police say it's


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